Our waste water treatment plant in Nashua is one of the most efficient in the state and provides enough power to power itself and still send excess power back to the city.  We need to ensure that this plant not only is maintained but we look for new ways to enhance the plants efficiency and maintain its critical infrastructure.  This is one of the primary reasons our drinking water and safer to drink, we must always be ensuring that the water that comes out of our faucet is safe and clean for drinking.

Our landfills help us that handle the solid waste our waste management team collects every week is also a staple of efficiency by providing a space that is properly maintained and works to actively reduce the risk of ground contamination while being able to work quickly to identify and resolve contamination quickly and efficiently.  As one of your commissioners, my job will be to look for improved means of sealing and securing new waste deposit locations in a manner that will reduce the likelihood of ground contamination that could affect our ground water and green spaces.

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