Our sports fields and parks are one of the greatest draws for tourism in Nashua, as one of your commissioners I plan to find new and innovative ways to ensure that these parks are available to the next generation and retaining the accessibility that our current generations enjoy.  When residents visit these parks, they enjoy a beautiful green space they host many different venues such as Greely Park with it theatre for which public shows may be viewed and guest have arrived to speak and meet the public at large.  Mine Falls Park is a wonder to those who take an afternoon to hike or for the morning jogger looking for a safe place to start the day.

Our sport fields host a number of games from little league to the occasional skirmish match between friends looking for a safe space to play some ball.  The baseball and soccer fields are essential to providing youth with a constructive way to learn valuable skills such as team work and allocation of resources.  As one of your commissioners, I will look for way to encourage use of these fields for productive and educational purpose as well as recreational.

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