When looking at our education system we need to acknowledge that our system is built up around both public and Private school for K-12 and Higher Education.  However, a large difference between the two systems is one is obligated to accept every student that applies the other is not.  A strong public education system is essential to the betterment of our towns, cities, and state, this should be considered the backbone of our states future.


If re-elected to the post of State Representative, I will work with my fellow legislatures and my constituents toward a strong vibrant public education system that is capable of meeting the demand our future work force will require.  I will promote Science, Techology, Engineering, Art, & Manufacturing (STEAM) in our schools at both primary & higher education.  We need to have public school that can not only encourage future scienctist but also encourage trades that are essential to our quality of life and often overlook or even looked down upon.


With a strong public education system, private education systems will have stronger competition for students and the best and brightest New Hampshire has to offer will set the course for the next generation of entrepreneurs and invientors which will lead for generations to come.


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